NETGEAR S8000 更新 Version,功能大提昇


NETGEAR S8000 最新獲得更新至 Version,功能擁有提昇,支援 Apple Bonjour、Windows 的 UPnP,開啓 Cylon 模式及可以選擇開關 Power LED,有興趣的可以在這裡免費下載

  • Added Bonjour discovery protocol for Apple devices to find S8000 through bookmark of Safari browser.
  • Added UPnP discovery for Windows based devices to find S8000 through Windows network Infrastructure list.
  • Added the feature to turn on Cylon mode for Port LEDs when FW is being uploaded to S8000.
  • Added the option to turn on and off Power LED under LEDs of ADVANCED SETTINGS page.

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